Winter Tree Care Tips from Wilder Tree Company

Winter is nearly upon us, with its shorter days, cooler temperatures, and the possibility of snow. While winter may not seem like a busy season for gardening and outdoor maintenance, it is a crucial time for tree care, including trimming and removing dead trees. Wilder Tree Company is here to guide you in preparing your trees and shrubs for the winter months.

Tree damage cause by ice storm

Watering Trees and Shrubs Before Winter

A major winter stress for trees and shrubs is dehydration. It’s vital to ensure they have ample water before winter sets in. Continue watering your trees and shrubs throughout fall, particularly in areas with little rainfall. This helps prevent the soil and roots from drying out when the ground freezes.

The Importance of Mulching in Winter

Mulching plays a key role in winter care. It acts like a blanket for the soil, maintaining temperature and moisture levels. With the ground freezing and thawing, unprotected roots can suffer damage. Organic mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs will provide consistent soil temperature, keeping roots warm and retaining moisture.

Pruning: A Necessity Before Winter

Removing dead and diseased branches is essential before winter. Harsh conditions like heavy snowfall and strong winds can cause weak branches to break, posing risks to property and safety. Regular pruning helps mitigate these dangers.

Deep Root Fertilization for Winter Health

Consider a deep root fertilization treatment in late fall. This process delivers essential nutrients directly to the roots, strengthening your trees and shrubs and promoting vigorous growth in spring.

Ongoing Winter Maintenance

Even well-prepared trees and shrubs need attention in winter. In areas like Central Texas, where heavy snow is rare but possible, it’s crucial to remove snow accumulation from branches to prevent damage. Avoid using de-icing products with sodium chloride near trees, as they can harm root systems.

Safety and Preparation for Winter

Ensure your yard is safe before winter arrives. Trim hazardous branches and remove dead trees to avoid potential accidents. At Wilder Tree Company, we prioritize your safety and the health of your trees.

For professional assistance in preparing your trees for winter, book a consultation with Wilder Tree Company today. Let us help you ensure your trees are healthy and safe for the season ahead.

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