10 Spring Tree Care Tips from our Certified Arborist

1. Time for a Spring Clean Using a rake, collect and remove any debris from beneath your trees including leaves, twigs and fruit that could be a breeding ground for fungus.    2. Closely Inspect Your Trees & Shrubs Trees in Central Texas have been through a lot lately. Inspect your trees and shrubs for […]

Wilder Tree Company Introduces Arbor-Vax: Revolutionizing Tree Health Care with Expert John Walters

Wilder Tree Company is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our team, ISA Certified Arborist John Walters. Bringing over 35 years of expertise in plant health care, John is among the nation’s foremost arborists. His innovative treatments have set new standards in curing and protecting diseased trees, as well as revitalizing those affected by […]

Understanding and Managing Oak Wilt in Central Texas with Wilder Tree Company

Oak wilt, caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum, is a significant threat to oak trees in Central Texas, causing widespread devastation. As experts in tree care, Wilder Tree Company is dedicated to helping you understand and manage this disease.   What is Oak Wilt? Oak wilt obstructs the water and nutrient transport system of oak […]

Expert Solutions for Repairing Large Holes and Cracks in Tree Trunks

At Wilder Tree Company, we understand that large holes or vertical cracks in mature tree trunks can be a cause for concern. These issues often stem from factors like improper pruning or environmental stresses. Understanding how to address these problems is key to maintaining the health and longevity of your trees. Understanding the Causes Large […]

What To Do If a Tree Falls on Your Powerlines During Central Texas Storms

Severe storms and high winds in Central Texas can wreak havoc, often causing trees to fall on power lines. Understanding how to handle such situations is crucial for your safety. Here’s what you should do if a tree falls on your powerlines.   Know Your Powerline Locations Before storm season hits, familiarize yourself with the […]

Your Guide to Protecting Trees During Construction

In the dynamic landscape of Central Texas, construction projects, big or small, can pose significant risks to your trees. Wilder Tree Company emphasizes the importance of including tree protection in your construction planning. Here are steps you can take to safeguard your trees from construction-related damage.   Understanding How Construction Affects Trees Construction can harm […]

A Vital Practice for Tree Health by Wilder Tree Company

At Wilder Tree Company, we understand the importance of keeping trees robust and thriving. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is through mulching. Mulch, an organic material, can be made from various substances like wood chips, grass clippings, and compost. When applied around the base of trees, it offers a multitude of […]

Urban Tree Care: Wilder Tree Company’s Guide for Central Texas

In Central Texas, the changing climate with extended droughts and record-high temperatures presents new challenges for urban trees. At Wilder Tree Company, we emphasize the importance of not just helping these trees survive but ensuring they thrive. Here’s our effective three-stage strategy for maintaining urban trees and forests: Stage 1: Assessing the Trees Understanding the […]

Enhancing Tree Health with Deep Root Fertilization: Insights from Wilder Tree Company

At Wilder Tree Company, we understand that just like all living beings, trees require essential nutrients, oxygen, and water, primarily absorbed through their roots. With most tree roots located in the top 18″ to 24″ of soil, it’s crucial to ensure they have access to these vital elements, especially in urban environments. That’s where deep […]

Winter Tree Care Tips from Wilder Tree Company

Winter is nearly upon us, with its shorter days, cooler temperatures, and the possibility of snow. While winter may not seem like a busy season for gardening and outdoor maintenance, it is a crucial time for tree care, including trimming and removing dead trees. Wilder Tree Company is here to guide you in preparing your […]