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At Wilder Tree Company, we offer diverse services tailored to address every aspect of tree care and maintenance. Our team is equipped to meet your needs. Here’s a detailed look at what we provide:

Tree Removal Services


We safely remove trees to prevent potential hazards and enhance the overall appeal of your landscape. Our experts ensure a smooth, safe process with minimal impact.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We meticulously trim and prune your trees to promote their health and longevity while maintaining their natural beauty and structure.

Certified Arborist

Certified Arborist Care

We offer expert advice on tree care and maintenance strategies from our certified arborists, which are tailored to the unique needs of your trees and landscape.

Plant Healthcare services

Plant Healthcare & Microbial Soil Conditioning

We enhance your trees’ health and soil’s condition through our specialized microbial soil conditioning techniques, creating a thriving environment for your landscape.

Proudly Serving The Austin Texas Community

We take pride in contributing to the health and beauty of the landscapes across Texas, ensuring these neighborhoods can enjoy the splendor of well-maintained trees:


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At Wilder Tree Company, every branch matters, and every client is part of our growing family. If you’re looking for unbeatable tree care services that combine professional expertise with a personal touch, look no further.

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