Tree Service West Lake Hills, TX

Your Trusted Tree Care Provider in West Lake Hills, TX

Your Trusted Tree Care Provider in West Lake Hills, TX

Located in the scenic West Lake Hills, Texas, Wilder Tree Company embraces the stunning beauty of the trees that adorn our landscapes. Each tree tells a unique story, intertwining with the essence of our community. Our commitment to preserving the natural charm of West Lake Hills is ingrained in our core values. Choose our expert arborists for top-tier tree care services and play a role in safeguarding the local ecosystem for future generations.

Why Choose Wilder Tree Company in West Lake Hills, TX?

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of West Lake Hills, Wilder Tree Company is distinguishable for the following reasons:

Residential and Commercial Services

We offer comprehensive services for homeowners and businesses, including pruning to land clearing, focusing on precision and safety.


Insurance offers peace of mind, protects against unforeseen tree care incidents, and demonstrates Wilder Tree Company’s commitment to safety and accountability.

Free Estimates

Offering free estimates helps potential customers grasp the scope of their tree work without initial costs, building transparency and trust in our pricing and services.

Attention to Detail

Clients value Wilder Tree Company’s attention to plant healthcare, from accurate assessments to meticulous care, resulting in healthier, livelier trees that enhance landscapes.

Excellence in Tree Care

We prioritize top-notch tree care, focusing on proper maintenance, expert arboriculture, and customer satisfaction to ensure the health and vitality of West Lake Hills, TX, trees.

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Discover Wilder Tree Company in West Lake Hills, your go-to for top-notch tree services. Our team is dedicated to preserving nature’s beauty with specialized solutions like pruning and health assessments.

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