Tree Service Cedar Park, TX

Your Trusted Tree Care Provider in Cedar Park, TX

Your Trusted Tree Care Provider in Cedar Park, TX

At Wilder Tree Company in Cedar Park, Texas, we cherish the beauty of trees in our scenic surroundings. Each tree tells a unique tale, resonating with our community. Our commitment to preserving Cedar Park’s natural charm is ingrained in our values. Choose our arborists for top-notch tree care and help protect the local ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

Why Choose Wilder Tree Company in Cedar Park, TX?

Choose us for superior tree care services in Cedar Park, TX. Find out why we’re the top tree care experts in the area.


Wilder Tree Company, deeply rooted in the Cedar Park community, has built a trusted reputation through years of dedicated service to residents and businesses.


Our services provide personalized tree care for all life stages, from young Oaks to ancient Cypresses, with custom care plans for each tree.


We lead the tree care industry with cutting-edge tools and methods, ensuring superior, safe results.

Comprehensive Services

Wilder Tree Company offers a full range of tree services, such as trimming, pruning, removal, and emergency care.

Eco-Conscious Practices

We specialize in eco-friendly services, focusing on local foliage and habitats to enhance plant healthcare, sustainability, and biodiversity.

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Wilder Tree Company in Cedar Park offers top-tier tree care services. Our dedicated team preserves the area’s scenic charm by enhancing and nurturing trees.

Contact us for a complimentary quote at (512) 729-8733 or Let us help maintain the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

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