Understanding and Managing Oak Wilt in Central Texas with Wilder Tree Company

Oak wilt, caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum, is a significant threat to oak trees in Central Texas, causing widespread devastation. As experts in tree care, Wilder Tree Company is dedicated to helping you understand and manage this disease.


What is Oak Wilt?

Oak wilt obstructs the water and nutrient transport system of oak trees. The disease progresses from the top of the tree downwards, making it difficult for the tree to nourish itself. Red oaks, live oaks, and white oaks are all susceptible to varying degrees.


Identifying Susceptible Trees

All common Central Texas oak trees can contract oak wilt. It’s important to note that other tree species like cedar, elm, maple, and others are not susceptible to this disease.


The Danger of Oak Wilt

The impact of oak wilt varies among species:


Red Oaks: Highly susceptible, often dying within 4 to 6 weeks of infection.

Live Oaks: More resistant, but most infected trees die within 2 years.

White Oaks: Show the highest resistance, with many surviving despite canopy loss.

How Does Oak Wilt Spread?

Oak wilt can spread through root connections between trees or by sap beetles that carry the fungus from infected to healthy trees. It’s crucial to promptly seal all oak tree wounds, especially during spring and early summer, to prevent beetle attraction.


Wilder Tree Company’s Approach to Controlling Oak Wilt

Our professional arborists are diligent in preventing the spread of oak wilt:


Sterilizing Equipment: We sterilize our equipment after working on each tree to prevent cross-contamination.

Sealing Pruning Cuts: All cuts are promptly sealed, especially during the oak wilt season.

Careful Pruning: We avoid unnecessary pruning during high-risk periods and carefully manage storm damage.

Recognizing Oak Wilt

Red Oaks: Look for unusual color changes in leaves outside of the normal autumn period.

Live Oaks: Infected live oaks exhibit distinctive yellow, orange, and brown veining on leaves.

White Oaks: These trees show more resistance, but symptoms can still occur.

Concerned About Oak Wilt?

If you suspect oak wilt on your property in Central Texas, it’s essential to consult with professional arborists. Contact Wilder Tree Company to speak with our experts. We provide comprehensive assessments and management strategies for oak wilt, ensuring the health and longevity of your oak trees.

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