The Best Time Of Year To Trim An Oak Tree?

Did you know that there is a certain window of opportunity to trim oak trees? Too many tree enthusiasts make the mistake of believing that you can prune tree branches all year long. Well friend this is not 100 % accurate. Technically a plant won’t stop you if you decide to trim all year long but you should know that it could potentially hurt the tree in the long run so please … don’t go overboard. Cutting back live branches is a skill that a person should have and requires a good amount of understanding of arboriculture.  Before you pick up your pair of heavy-duty shears, Please make sure it’s the right time to prune your beautiful oaks.

Try Climbing Trees During The Summer Not Trimming Them

spending your days outside during a beautiful summer day is one of the most relaxing times of the season. You are watching your kids roam freely climbing trees and playing in the yard. Your oak trees may also start to flourish during this wonderful hot season, it is time that you put your tree trimming shears back in the tool shed.

Many homeowners are under the impression that summer is the worst possible time of the year to cut those oak branches off. That is a misconception, to say the least. Instead, it’s best to do your pruning between late fall and early spring. These are the months when your oak trees are less vulnerable and susceptible to disease and infestations.

The Risk of Summertime Oak Tree Trimming

When you cut into a branch on a tree, you are essentially giving it a wound. That’s right you are inflicting damage. Think about it for a moment… if we as humans were to cut our leg, what would you think would happen? A fresh injury is more likely to get infected, which could lead to very serious complications. This theory is very true when it comes to oak trees. Can you guess what the consequences would be? That’s right ….dangerous.

Have you heard of the fungal disease called oak wilt? Most people have no clue what this is. Oak wilt is a serious and dangerous fungal disease that can make the strongest of trees take a turn for the worst no matter how strong they appear to be. This disease occurs when pruning trees during the absolute wrong time of the year. That’s right we are talking about good ole summertime.

Little tiny sap beetles between 1/8 and 1/4 inch long, spread oak wilt from tree to tree, and are most active from April to August. These little guys are on a mission to seek out your oak tree that has been freshly cut and they leave behind a rapid spreading fungus that is often fatal for the tree.

What Are Oak Tree Pruning Ordinances?

Well, here you are in the pruning season. You may want to start chopping away at your oak tree. Take a second and realize that the city that you reside in, may have certain tree ordinances set in place to protect specific species of trees. Surprise, Surprise! Oak trees usually are a part of the ordinance.

If you prune a large oak tree without the right paperwork from your city, it may end up costing you tons of hard-earned money. We suggest that you always speak with a  Certified Tree Specialist in your area to make sure that you don’t need to obtain any permits. These rules not only save the trees you love so much, but they also protect the community.

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