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Tree & Plant healthcare with Microbial Soil Conditioning Services

At Wilder Tree Company, we recognize the crucial link between trees and soil. Our Microbial Soil Conditioning services aim to strengthen this connection by enriching the soil with beneficial microbes and essential nutrients, ensuring a fertile environment for your trees. We offer tailored nutrition programs that cater to your tree’s needs, efficiently tackling root compaction, nutrient imbalances, and pest issues.

Plant healthcare

Deep Root Fertilization Solutions around Austin TX

Our experts at Wilder Tree Company deeply understand local flora and soil conditions. We create custom deep-root fertilization programs for each tree using proprietary blends and advanced injection technology. This ensures nutrients are delivered precisely where needed, fostering a resilient root system and a thriving canopy.

Premium Deep Root Fertilization Solutions

The Benefits of Choosing Us for Plant Healthcare, Deep Root Fertilization & Microbial Soil Conditioning

By entrusting your plant healthcare to Wilder Tree Company, you are unlocking a host of advantages:

Superb Soil

Our proprietary blend of beneficial microbes ensures your tree’s soil is rich with the organisms essential for nutrient uptake and disease prevention.

Professional Tree

Before we condition the soil, our arborists assess the health of the trees on your property to provide a tailored approach for each one.


We employ sustainable practices, using organic matter to enhance soil conditions, minimizing any adverse environmental impact.

Increased Plant

We improve soil health through better farming methods, resulting in stronger plants. This strengthens our food supply and could enhance food nutrition.

Optimized Tree

Our techniques enrich the soil with essential nutrients and more organic matter, creating an ideal environment for tree growth.

Trust Us for Tree Healthcare & Microbial Soil Conditioning

With a dedication to arboriculture, we go beyond tree maintenance to nurture a heritage
of sustainable green living.
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