Revitalize Your Trees with Air Spading: A Wilder Tree Company Solution

At Wilder Tree Company, we recognize the impact of soil compaction on urban trees
and offer a cutting-edge solution: air spading. This non-invasive technique is crucial for maintaining tree health in areas affected by soil compaction.

Understanding Soil Compaction

Soil compaction occurs when the soil around a tree root becomes too dense, often
due to heavy foot traffic or lawn maintenance. This compaction reduces the soil ability
to hold air and moisture, both vital for tree health.

The Air Spading Technique

Air spading is an innovative method that uses high-pressure air jets to loosen
compacted soil. This process increases the soil air and water permeability, enhancing.
the trees nutrient intake. Not only is air spading safe for the tree& roots, but it also
facilitates easier root inspection and potential pruning for healthier growth.

Benefits of Air Spading

Reduced Soil Compaction: The primary benefit is the significant reduction of soil compaction, allowing better water and air absorption by the roots.

Healthier Root Systems: With improved soil conditions, tree roots gain better access to essential nutrients, promoting overall tree health.

Enhanced Tree Growth: Healthier roots lead to a more vibrant canopy and increased branch growth, resulting in a fuller, more robust tree.

What to Expect with Wilder Tree Company Air Spading Service

Choosing air spading with Wilder Tree Company means you opting for a
transformative care method for your trees. Our expert arborists ensure reduced soil
compaction, healthier roots, and noticeable improvement in tree growth and vitality.

Ready to give your trees the care they deserve?

Book a consultation with Wilder Tree Company today for professional air spading services. Let’s work together to enhance the health and beauty of your trees.

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