Defend Your Home: Reduce Fire Danger In Texas Dry Spell

Wildfires are an important and necessary occurrence in many natural areas of the United States, but they can also pose a risk to people, homes and property. The City of Austin declared a red flag fire danger warning in early August siting high winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity. There is currently a fire burning in Hays County over an area of more than 400 acres threatening homes and requiring many to evacuate.

Fire caused by dry trees in Austin, TX

Fire Risks

Homeowners can reduce the risk of wildfire damage on their property by trees and vegetation that could potentially burn. Investigators that evaluate why homes burn recommend that homeowners:

  1. Have all trees pruned to remove dead wood in the canopy
  2. Remove dead and hazardous trees
  3. Remove all brush piles
  4. Remove landscape plants known to be highly flammable
  5. Keep a distance of at least 30’ between wild-land vegetation and your home. (This does not mean you must remove all plants, but create clumps of plants that won’t burn as readily)
  6. Separate landscape plants and the lowest tree branches by a minimum of 10’
  7. Keep a buffer of 2’-4’ between living trees, landscaping, and structures to create a defensible space between your home and potential for wildfire.
  8. Walk around your home and identify trees and plants that could be a higher risk for wildfire, keeping in mind living trees and plants can burn too.

Minimize Fire Risks

Have us prune to remove dead wood, eliminate debris piles, and create a buffer between your trees and your home. By taking personal responsibility for reducing hazards around your home, you may increase the likelihood that your home would survive a serious fire.

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Stay Safe!



Misti Perez

Certified Arborist WE-7539A

Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

Texas Oak Wilt Certified

Wilder Tree Company

Tree Care Professional Arborists

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