Why You Should Hire a Professional for Tree Care

Professional Tree Care

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Think twice before taking on tree care alone. Trees require an insane amount of routine maintenance during the year. You may be noticing as months go by that the sunlight just isn’t reaching the places in your backyard as they normally do. You notice that the limbs are hanging too low, or you are witnessing signs that indicate poor tree health. A tree care professional can help you restore order in your yard from a major backyard makeover or just a simple little touchup.

Here are our Top 3 Reasons why you should hire an experienced and licensed tree care specialist.

Reason # 1 Safety Comes First … Always

We live in a world where the seasons are always changing. Although the changing of seasons can be very beneficial for us, the same may not apply to trees. The seasons change and bring luscious new growth for your trees you may not be as prepared for it as you hoped.

Keep in mind that often heavy branches weigh down a tree and can be extremely dangerous. If you have tree limbs that droop over your parking spaces or grow too close to your home then it may be time to do some routine pruning. The best way to ensure that you are safely removing tree limbs will be to seek the help of a professional who is experienced in keeping people, property, and pets safe during the removal process.

Another huge benefit of hiring a professional is that you lower the risk of injuring others or yourself. To remove droopy tree limbs and trees that are growing too close to your home sometimes involves climbing trees and operating. Trimming without proper training or supervision can be a dangerous mission. My Advice is to Leave it to a professional like us here at Wilder Tree Company.

Reason # 2 The Professionals Know All the Things About Tree Health and More

We humans get sick correct? Did you know that like us, trees can become sick too? Many different causes play a huge role in the health of a tree. Some of these are things such as leaf rust, mildew, or Witches’ Broom. All of these can affect the growth rate and the appearance of your beautiful trees. These conditions all vary in severity. A tree specialist will be able to assess the condition of your tree and act accordingly. Don’t be tempted to turn to trusty old google.

Remember that even if your trees are not in bad health, tree specialists can help you. Routine maintenance of pruning and trimming your trees regularly strengthen and provide longevity to your tree.

Reason # 3 Tree Specialists Keep Your Yard Spruced Up and Looking Good

Now, you don’t need me to tell you that trees can become major eyesores and crazy overgrown. You may be thinking that DIY hedge trimming and tree pruning may seem like simple and easy tasks. I’m here to tell you that the results of taking this on by yourself can lead to a completely different outcome. Leave it to the professionals who are trained arborists. They know exactly how to beautify and manicure trees in some of the most creative and beautiful ways.

If you want more than just the aesthetic upgrade…Don’t worry a skilled tree care specialist can help bring more sunlight into your home in turn brightening up your interior space as well. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a tree care professional can accomplish with one single visit to your home or business.

So, folks, Let’s wrap this up. It is safe to say that hiring a licensed and insured tree care company is the only way to guarantee that the job gets done the right way. Here at Wilder Tree Company, we are trusted and valued by many individuals and businesses in Austin. Contact us today to schedule a visit if you need a tree or lawn care. We’d be happy to serve you.

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