Example of tree to plant in a yard

Trees To Consider Planting In Your Small Yard

There are many different types and sizes of trees to plant. From massive oak trees to the tiny but plentiful fruit trees that you can grow on your back patio. Maybe you are seeking that perfect fit for your small little yard, and when planting trees you may fall down the rabbit hole of endless choices and you just can’t zero in on the best one to go with.

To select the perfect type of tree for your yard or garden, you MUST first measure your space to ensure that you have enough room to plant your chosen tree.

Things to think about when planting trees

The Cardinal rule is to make sure that you are planting your tree away from your home. The proper distance is equal to one-half of your maximum tree height. For example, for a 20 mature ft tree, the distance from your home should be no less than 100 feet. This is because the roots, tree leaves, and branches that are covering the ground can grow extremely fast and way beyond the canopy of the tree. So please be sure to leave a bit of extra room in between the home and the planting site.

There are many things to take into consideration when you are in the process of choosing a tree for your tiny space. Missy Henriksen, a well-respected spokeswoman for the NAOLP ( National Association of Landscape Professionals states, ” We should consider planting trees that come in dwarf varieties as well as ornamental trees, which tend to be slower growing.”

Varieties of Trees

Because there is a wide variety of different species of trees, different species can suit different needs. Depending on the canopy and shape of the tree, shade, color, and privacy are all elements that can suit the many different needs of the tree that you choose. Another big factor is whether or not it will require an abundant amount of maintenance or not. Let’s not forget the beauty of the fall. Foliage around this time means more raking than you will have to do!

The 8 species that we will be talking about are compiled from professional landscapers who know which tree is best to have when factoring in size, beauty, privacy, shade, and of course hardiness.

Japanese Stewartia

Example of tree to plant in a yard

With this short eye-catching beauty, you can expect an abundance of gorgeous white flowers that bloom in the mid-summertime and very rich and bold green foliage throughout the entire season. Japanese Stewartia’s are a relative to the Camellia. It will provide a low canopy coverage of up to 10 feet tall. This plant is a very slow-growing guy and can reach a height of 15-30 feet tall in its mature state. As a multi-season plant, it’s best planted in a front yard or as a focal point plant near an outdoor room or front patio.

Royal Star Magnolia

Example of tree to plant in a yard

This breathtaking tree is known as an early bloomer with fragrant, large, white double star-shaped flowers that appear before the foliage in the spring. Planting this beautiful tree can add a very nice touch to your landscape as it goes through the seasons. One huge benefit is that this tree thrives in cold and high heat. This tree does require full sun and the growth rate is moderate. You can expect a leafy green backdrop after the springtime. This show-stopping tree is slow-growing and won’t overwhelm your yard. The Royal Star Magnolia can stand up to 15 feet which makes it the perfect choice that also provides a great backdrop to any mixed shrub border.

Prairifire Crabaple

Example of tree to plant in a yard

Who Doesn’t Love a Tree that Produces Healthy snacks? Its deep-pink flowers that make an appearance in the spring and the fruits that the tree produces in the fall and winter makes this tree a year-round centerpiece. Most people plant this specimen in the front yard to bring a massive amount of curb appeal to their property. The Cardinal rule for this beauty is to plant in a full-sun area leaving room for the tree to grow as tall as 20 feet tall and wide.

Ribbon-Leaf Japanese Maple

Example of tree to plant in a yard

Hands down one of the most amazing options for planting trees in small yards has to be the Japanese Maple. From the Striking foliage, the architecture of the branches during winter and the graceful shape, this tree is the specimen that you want in your yard. Featuring a plethora of textured red leaves that turn red in springtime and transition into an eye-popping bronze color in the summer. We all know that trees change to orange in the fall and there’s no exception with this one either! This tree requires full to partial sun spots in areas that are cooler and afternoon shade is a MUST for the extremely hot climates. This showstopper is expected to grow up to 12 feet tall and wide.

Time to wrap things up! Last on the list is the Zuni Crape Myrtle.

Zuni Crape Myrtle

Example of tree to plant in a yard

The go-to small tree option for city gardens. Most people plant this cute-sized tree as an accent or to cover a not-so-pleasing view. Its pink flowers bloom in the late summer but the beauty isn’t just the flowers. The multicolored winter bark and greenery that this tree has is beautiful too. One trunk can grow up to 12 feet tall alone when in full sun. The reason this is a great choice for your small yard is because of its size and pleasing seasonal flow.

So there you have it! 5 Stunning options that you can plant in your small yard. You can’t go wrong. If you are needing help choosing the right tree or plant for your space, contact us today to schedule a visit.

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