Enhancing Tree Health with Deep Root Fertilization: Insights from Wilder Tree Company

At Wilder Tree Company, we understand that just like all living beings, trees require essential nutrients, oxygen, and water, primarily absorbed through their roots. With most tree roots located in the top 18″ to 24″ of soil, it’s crucial to ensure they have access to these vital elements, especially in urban environments. That’s where deep root fertilization comes into play.

What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization might sound extensive, but it actually targets the 4″-8″ soil depth, where the fine fibrous roots of trees reside. These roots are key in absorbing nutrients and water. In an urban tree health plan, deep root fertilization ranks second only to water in importance. It provides trees with the essential nutrients often missing in urban settings.

The Urban Challenge

In a forest, trees benefit from a natural cycle of organic matter returning nutrients to the soil. However, in urban areas, this cycle is often disrupted as fallen leaves and limbs are removed. Deep root fertilization compensates for this by reintroducing crucial nutrients into the soil.

Dead tree branch in Austin, TX

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Nutrient Replenishment: Our proprietary solution not only adds nutrients but also contains a hormone that stimulates fine fibrous root growth, crucial for moisture absorption.

Drought Tolerance: By enhancing fibrous root growth, trees become more resilient to drought conditions.

Efficient Water Absorption: The high-pressure application of the fertilizer breaks up the soil, fostering more effective water absorption by the tree roots.

Our approach involves applying the fertilizer throughout the critical root zone, promoting healthier, more robust trees capable of thriving even in challenging urban environments.

Rubbing tree branches

Choose Wilder Tree Company for Expert Deep Root Fertilization

At Wilder Tree Company, we’re dedicated to providing the best care for your urban trees. Our deep root fertilization service is designed to ensure your trees not only survive but flourish in their urban surroundings.

Ready to boost the health of your trees? Book a consultation with Wilder Tree Company today for specialized deep root fertilization services. Let’s nurture your trees together for a greener, healthier urban landscape.

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