10 Spring Tree Care Tips from our Certified Arborist

1. Time for a Spring Clean

Using a rake, collect and remove any debris from beneath your trees including leaves, twigs and fruit that could be a breeding ground for fungus.


2. Closely Inspect Your Trees & Shrubs

Trees in Central Texas have been through a lot lately. Inspect your trees and shrubs for any lingering damage from storms or signs of health problems.








3. Leafing Out

When inspecting the trees in your garden, make sure to check whether there are any parts of trees which are not leafing out as this can indicate that they are dead. Contact us to remove dead trees!

4. Prune Your Trees

Although the perfect time to prune most trees is during the winter when the tree is dormant, you can remove any dead, damaged or broken branches in spring to help encourage new growth. Call us today for a free quote on tree pruning!

5. Check For Pests Or Diseases

When closely inspecting your trees and shrubs, it’s worth making yourself familiar with the different pests and diseases which can wreak havoc on your landscape. Check with one of our experienced arborists if you are concerned about something – don’t wait!

6. Mulch Your Trees. But Don’t Volcano.

Adding a layer of fresh mulch to your trees creates a protective layer for your trees’ roots and helps retain moisture. But piling it up around the trunk will harm your tree. Make your mulch look like a doughnut not a volcano! Call today to request a quote for mulching!

7. Heal Your Soil with Arbor-Vax

Trees live in soil. Arbor-vax restores the soil’s microbiome around your trees resulting in a cascade of health benefits. Make your soil healthy, and the trees are sure to follow.

8. Deep Watering

Make a few puddles around your trees in your landscape. Promote deep watering practices to get the most out of your trees.

9. Plant New Trees

Many of us have lost trees lately. Let Wilder Tree Company help you plant new trees in your landscape so that we can preserve our urban canopy!

10. Enjoy Your Healthy Trees!

You earned it, kick back and relax in a happy healthy yard.


Our Services Tailored for You

From precise tree pruning and safe tree removal to our guaranteed-effective organic PHC solutions, Wilder Tree Company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Tree Pruning & Removal
  • Plant Health Care (PHC) Services
  • Tree Planting & Stump Grinding
  • Arborist Reports

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