Wilder Tree Company Introduces Arbor-Vax: Revolutionizing Tree Health Care with Expert John Walters

Wilder Tree Company is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our team, ISA Certified Arborist John Walters. Bringing over 35 years of expertise in plant health care, John is among the nation’s foremost arborists. His innovative treatments have set new standards in curing and protecting diseased trees, as well as revitalizing those affected by storms and drought.

Central Texas has faced its fair share of challenges, from ice storms and prolonged droughts to widespread disease, leaving our trees in dire straits. However, Wilder Tree Company refuses to stand by as our trees suffer. We’re excited to offer an extensive range of plant health care solutions, featuring proven techniques that promise unprecedented results for your trees.

Introducing Arbor-Vax: A Game-Changer in Tree Care

Arbor-Vax is our signature natural organic soil conditioner, designed to shield your trees from pathogens and promote robust growth come spring. This groundbreaking formula includes a tailored blend of minerals, nutrients, beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, and organic hormones, specifically mixed to suit the unique conditions and environments of your trees.

We meticulously monitor the progress of your trees’ recovery, providing you with updates, photos, and videos to witness the transformation firsthand. With Arbor-Vax, we’ve seen remarkable recoveries from various infections and diseases, including Oak Wilt, Hypoxylon (when detected early), and Ganoderma, and have observed a significant boost in resilience against environmental stressors.

Arbor-Vax: Beyond a Product, A Philosophy

At Wilder Tree Company, we understand that true tree health begins in the soil. A combination of oxygen, microbes, proper watering, essential nutrients, and strategic pruning are all critical to a tree’s well-being. Arbor-Vax embodies our philosophy of nurturing trees from the ground up, employing natural and organic methods that avoid harmful chemicals and invasive techniques. It’s a holistic approach that not only addresses the symptoms of tree ailments but targets their root causes.

In addition to Arbor-Vax, we offer plant growth regulation treatments as a proactive means of managing tree growth. These treatments ensure trees utilize resources optimally, leading to healthier, more balanced growth patterns.

Wilder Tree Company is committed to empowering trees to thrive, not just survive. With the introduction of John Walters and Arbor-Vax to our arsenal, we’re set to redefine the standards of tree health care. Contact us today to schedule your free quote and embark on a journey to revitalizing your trees with Wilder Tree Company.

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