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What To Do If a Tree Falls on Your Powerlines During Central Texas Storms

Severe storms and high winds in Central Texas can wreak havoc, often causing trees to fall on power lines. Understanding how to handle such situations is crucial for your safety. Here’s what you should do if a tree falls on your powerlines.   Know Your Powerline Locations Before storm season hits, familiarize yourself with the […]

Your Guide to Protecting Trees During Construction

In the dynamic landscape of Central Texas, construction projects, big or small, can pose significant risks to your trees. Wilder Tree Company emphasizes the importance of including tree protection in your construction planning. Here are steps you can take to safeguard your trees from construction-related damage.   Understanding How Construction Affects Trees Construction can harm […]

Prepare Your Trees for a Ice Storm

The 2024 Farmers Almanac warns: the hot dry summer we’ve had means a cold wet winter. If we are facing another freeze like we had in ‘21 & ‘23, how can you prepare your trees to withstand an ice storm?   Last February we saw first hand the level of destruction these storms can bring. Our […]

Defend Your Home: Reduce Fire Danger In Texas Dry Spell

Wildfires are an important and necessary occurrence in many natural areas of the United States, but they can also pose a risk to people, homes and property. The City of Austin declared a red flag fire danger warning in early August siting high winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity. There is currently a fire burning […]

How To Trim and Prune Your Trees

Tree Trimming 101 Whether you’re planning to prune your trees yourself, or hiring a local tree service and you want to learn the basics. This step by step guide will cover everything you need to know to be able to safely begin trimming your trees. Mature trees can increase your property value by 7-19%, so […]

Beginners Guide to Spotting a Dying or Dead Tree 

Spotting a dying tree or one that is already dead can be a very tricky and challenging thing. many people think that the signs may be super obvious but let’s shed light on some of the challenges that you may face. Because removal should always be the last resort, there are many things that you […]

The Best Time Of Year To Trim An Oak Tree?

Did you know that there is a certain window of opportunity to trim oak trees? Too many tree enthusiasts make the mistake of believing that you can prune tree branches all year long. Well friend this is not 100 % accurate. Technically a plant won’t stop you if you decide to trim all year long […]

What Are The Benefits of Shade Trees & Why Are They Important

We all know that nature is beautiful and oftentimes soothing. But most people don’t realize that shade trees show off the beauty of nature the best.