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Defend Your Home: Reduce Fire Danger In Texas Dry Spell

Wildfires are an important and necessary occurrence in many natural areas of the United States, but they can also pose a risk to people, homes and property. The City of Austin declared a red flag fire danger warning in early August siting high winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity. There is currently a fire burning […]

Trees To Consider Planting In Your Small Yard

There are many different types and sizes of trees. from massive oak trees to the tiny but plentiful fruit trees that you can grow on your back patio. Maybe you are seeking that perfect fit for your small little yard, you may fall down the rabbit hole of endless choices and you just can’t zero in on the best one to go with.

What Are The Benefits of Shade Trees & Why Are They Important

We all know that nature is beautiful and oftentimes soothing. But most people don’t realize that shade trees show off the beauty of nature the best.