Drought Stress and Trees, How Much to Water?

As we approach the zenith of summer in Austin, the data is clear: 27 out of the past 30 days have subjected us to temperatures at or above 100 degrees, with no end in sight and trees need watering. In periods of drought with water restrictions, increased wildfire risk, and no rain in the forecast, […]

Defend Your Home: Reduce Fire Danger In Texas Dry Spell

Wildfires are an important and necessary occurrence in many natural areas of the United States, but they can also pose a risk to people, homes and property. The City of Austin declared a red flag fire danger warning in early August siting high winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity. There is currently a fire burning […]

7 Reasons You Need More Trees in Your Yard

Trees not only generate oxygen but also perform a variety of other functions, which is why tree planting is important. They’re like huge, sticky sponges that absorb CO2 from the air and draw water down into the ground. Their vast root systems allow trees in forests to communicate hundreds of miles apart, and they provide […]

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Tree Care

Quality Tree Care Service with Professional Touch Think twice before taking on tree care alone. Trees require an insane amount of routine maintenance during the year. You may be noticing as months go by that the sunlight just isn’t reaching the places in your backyard as they normally do. You notice that the limbs are […]

Trees To Consider Planting In Your Small Yard

There are many different types and sizes of trees. from massive oak trees to the tiny but plentiful fruit trees that you can grow on your back patio. Maybe you are seeking that perfect fit for your small little yard, you may fall down the rabbit hole of endless choices and you just can’t zero in on the best one to go with.